Facebook to Wage War with Twitter

By | August 13, 2009

By Peter K. Lam

Facebook and FriendFeed

Facebook and FriendFeed

News broke out today that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed although details have been sketchy at best as to the terms of the acquisition. FriendFeed operates very much like the wildly popular Twitter. With Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed, Twitter’s reign over the microblogosphere may no longer be as dominant as before.

Twitter became popular so rapidly that it’s hard to remember what the internet was like when it wasn’t around. It took the social networking circles by storm and has become the communication tool of choice for celebrities, athletes and even media personalities. With Facebook’s new business venture, it’s highly possible that Twitter may not remain the king for much longer.

Facebook remains one powerful force of social media overthrowing MySpace in terms of user preference. Facebook has only continue to grow and expand, gaining more members and popularity than ever before. The minds behind Facebook have all the necessary tools to mold FriendFeed into Twitter’s formiddable rival.

This war is definitely going to be fun to watch. I simply loathe Twitter so watching them go down will be absolute joy! If Facebook is able to utilize the same principles of Twitter and maybe add in a few cool unique features, it will be only a matter of time before Twitter becomes a distant memory. Facebook did it to MySpace now it’s time to do it to Twitter!

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