Klout – The New Standard of Interactive Social Influence… for now…

By | July 21, 2011
Klout - The Standard of Influence

Klout - The Standard of Influence

As social media continues to grow into a monolithic giant, the need to measure and track the data is also becoming important as well. Klout, is a website that measures the value of a person, personality or brand’s social influence in the digital sphere. Starting back in September of 2009, Klout is attempting to become the standard for measuring social influence of all your social media initiatives. If you haven’t used this yet, the basic idea is that everybody has a Klout score which determines who influential you or your brand is in certain topics and trends in the digital world. The higher your score, the more influential you are in your area.

So what does this mean and how does it affect you? Klout could potentially serve as a means for users online to determine whether or not your content is viable and creditable. With Google introducing there “+1” initiative and adding in Facebook “Likes” and “Tweets” or “Retweets” as a social measure of recommendations, Klout serves as the platform that links all these things together and provides a definitive score on how well all these things are working. Right now many businesses are putting all these social sharing features on their website with the idea of getting their content out to a bigger audience on these social network in hopes that it’ll drive traffic back to their site. With Klout and Google’s latest “Panda Update” making social influence a larger key factor in determining search results, all the social sharing components near serve as a way for users to get quality content based on how many people truly found something interesting and informative.

Social media might be a hot topic right now but I don’t know how long that it will last. It’s definitely something that has forever been ingrained into society only after the last several years but I think the importance of it will be downplayed years from now. It is important but not the end all, be all of your presence online. Quality and unique content is still the primary driving force behind creating a great website. Without that, it doesn’t really matter what you Klout score is. If nobody cares or feel engage with your content, they’ll probably never share it. So for now, social media is a hot button topic that everyone’s scrambling after but it’ll probably be less urgent in the next five to ten years.

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