Peter K. Lam - San Diego Comic-Con 2007

This is Peter at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con International

Welcome to Simply Everything, the official website of Peter K. Lam. Peter has been interested in writing from a very young edge. He started writing fan fiction based off of comic, TV shows, and movies. Over the last several years he started to write his own original work in addition to fan fiction. This passion for writing lead him to pursue a degree in English. Peter completed his four-year education at California State University, Fullerton with the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in English.

Throughout his education, Peter found another passion in desktop publishing, specifically website design and development. Creating websites from scratching and learning from some classes, Peter landed a job as Webmaster for Top Cow Productions, Inc.. As webmaster, Peter was in charge of maintaining the website content, creating interactive flash trailers to promote new events and products as well as developed and reported on weekly e-mail newsletter.

Currently Peter works for BowTie, Inc., the publisher of pet and hobbyist magazines such as DOG FANCY, CAT FANCY, Hobby Farms, UrbanFarmOnline.com and more. Today Peter continues to write a variety of different works ranging from fiction to blogging in addition to creating and maintaining new websites.

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