Written Works

Here you can find the fiction written by Peter K. Lam. The works are split up original fiction and fan fiction. These are works that has been created as far back as Peter’s years in high school, college and today. Read on and enjoy!

Original Fiction
Published: 11/10/2000
A 7.0 earthquake hit southern California during the early morning.

Journal of Odysseus
Published:  5/13/2001
This is a fictional journal that was written from Odysseus’ perspective about his Odyssey

Published: 5/15/2001
A fercocious feline-like monster hunts in the forest night.

Published: 2/12/2003
Daughter and mother have at it after the daughter attempts to win a shopping spree contest.

Published: 3/3/2003
A young man learns that he’s comatose and unable to reawaken.

Too Late
Published: 3/23/2004
A young couple have a fight and leave one another still mad. Time is short and they did not make up before it was too late.

Published: 9/21/2003
This is a story about a boy who loses his father in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

Published: 2/21/2003

Published: 4/11/2003

Published: 1/27/2003
This is an essay about sex in advertising.

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